How to Kill Your Computer (in Less than a Second)

I almost had a panic attack yesterday. I thought that my computer had been killed.

A few years ago, I learned something interesting about computers. There is a sensor in laptops (at least newer ones) that can tell if a laptop is falling. If you drop a laptop and the hard drive is “moving”, this sensor will kick in and stop the hard drive. This saves your computer’s hard drive (as long as the drop isn’t too extreme).

But if you drop something on the computer, for example, a clock in my husband’s case, you are SOL. If the computer is off, you should be fine. But if the hard drive is moving when that clock hits, the hard drive is dead. (Luckily for my husband, my brother works in IT and was able to replace the hard drive.)

So, yesterday, my kids were fighting about something. I couldn’t tell you what, because they were generally snipping at each other all afternoon. Well, Hana had a toy in her hand and, in her fit of pique, threw it at my computer. The computer screen suddenly went kind of staticky, like a poor signal on a TV. Oh crap! Not good. So I shut off the computer and turned it back on… no go. So I turned it off, and turned it back on in safe mode. It seemed to work okay in safe mode. So I hit the shut down button. I crossed my fingers and turned the computer back on in regular mode, and… it worked! Dodged that bullet! Whew!

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