Sick… Again! Really?!?

It’s been one of those winters where people are going to start thinking that I’m faking all this sickness as some kind of lame excuse. An excuse for why everything I am doing is so far behind schedule and always completely last minute. And lately, it is not my procrastination habit, but really, who would believe it?

We went to a party on Saturday. The minute we walked in the door, Tsubaki started running a fever of 39.3. Where did that come from? It’s spring; we’re supposed to be done with this crap. Well, she still has the fever along with a hacking cough. Sure sounds like influenza to me. Daddy is taking her to the doctor right now to get an official diagnosis. If it all ended there, it wouldn’t be so bad…

So, for those of you with little ones, how often do you think, “Geez. Why did you have to puke all over the bed? Anywhere but the bed…” Well, I have been guilty of thinking that. But last night I wished that Yui could have waited 10 more minutes and puked in the bed. I was setting up the futons and just moving her pack ‘n’ play back into our sleeping room. Yui was on my back in the ErgoBaby carrier. I was leaning over the pack ‘n’ play to fix her blankets, when disaster struck. Puke… all down my back, my leg, in the pack ‘n’ play. I carefully stepped out of my slipper, and we went straight to the shower to hose off.

Thirty minutes (or more) later, all freshly cleaned up, I gave her a little bit of formula with some stomach medicine. HUGE mistake. That ended up all over her head and my futon. Tak was about to get in the shower, so he hosed her off. No more milk for puking princess. All night long, she was spitting up, mostly just phlegm that I was (thankfully) mostly able to catch with the towel. Especially thankful, because with Tsubaki sleeping in a futon in a different room and my usual futon now hung out to dry, I didn’t have another back up!

Luckily, Tak was already planning to stay home today because I have classes this afternoon and Hana comes home from school at noon. So, two little munchkins are down and out for the count. The unfortunate thing is that they clearly have two different sicknesses, so they cannot be quarantined together. Just praying that this doesn’t spread through the whole family like everything else this past winter!

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