Keeping in Touch

I guess my favorite thing about computers,the internet all this technology is the social aspect. It allows me to keep in touch with family and friends who are far away, and facilitates making new friends. I have to say that I’m completely hooked on facebook now. Last year, people in my office were talking a bit about mixi (a Japanese networking site), but I never went and checked it out. Then I heard talk about myspace and facebook, but I thought they were probably just a waste of time, something trendy that younger people are doing (like IMing, which I … Continue reading

Gaku’s Mimicking / The Embassy

Yesterday, Tak took Gaku out looking for cicadas again. On the way back they stopped and rented a movie – Toy Story (again). So Gaku was watching it yesterday afternoon. And while he was watching it, he was repeating phrases from the movie, things like, “you’re a toy”, “that’s not flying”, and “stupid dog”. I’m sure these phrases, and others, will be popping up in Gaku’s play. It’s interesting because he speaks mostly Japanese to most people. But when he’s playing by himself with his characters, he uses more English. And he tends to speak English to Hana (Tak noticed … Continue reading

Summertime and the Living is Easy

We were planning to go to the pool again today, but decided we’d better skip it today. Gaku had a low-grade fever yesterday. At daycare, he DIDN’T WANT TO GO IN THE POOL! That has to be a first time. Depending on how things go today, we’ll probably go to the pool tomorrow. Gaku is really, really into cicadas this year. Last year he was interested, but a bit afraid. He didn’t want to touch them. This year he has no problem picking up the live ones. He’s also got quite a collection of their shed shells. Last night after … Continue reading

Another Fun Day at the Pool

I took both little ones to the Edogawa Pool Garden by myself today. It’s much nicer, less crowded on a week day. I think there were only about 2/3 the number of people today compared to Sunday. When we got there, it was about lunch time, so we had some onigiri and I nursed Hana before we got in the pool. We played for about an hour, when they blew the whistle for everyone to get out of the pools. They do this once an hour to check that everything is okay. Gaku is so much fun to take out … Continue reading

Fun Weekend – Fireworks and Pool

What a great weekend we just had. I think it’ll take me a fair amount of the day to get everything cleaned up and put away. On Saturday, we went to the Itabashi Fireworks. Now this doesn’t just mean going in the evening. I always go in the early afternoon to lay out a huge sheet and get a spot for everyone. Otherwise, you end up watching from some cramped spot on a steep slope. We always go down to this big field and set up there around noon or so. I borrowed a small pop-up tent from Mizuho so … Continue reading

Fire Fighting Museum

I have this fantastic book called “子どもとでかける東京あそび場ガイド” (Going out with kids in Tokyo guide). It has lots of places that are great for kids with information about getting there, cost, what aged kids it’s good for, how baby-friendly it is, and details about the activities. It includes everything from huge parks, amusement parks, and museums. Quite a few of the places in it are free. We’ve found lots of fun things to do from this book. For the past few weeks, Gaku and I have been talking about going to a water museum. Gaku likes the picture of a kid … Continue reading

All in the Details

Gaku is pretty good about noticing little things. When he comes to my room he always takes a couple of minutes to look around and see if there’s anything different (anything he wants). I usually wear a cross necklace and earrings that were Christmas presents from Tak. But the other day, I decided to wear a different necklace and earrings. When I picked Gaku up at daycare the first thing he said to me was, “マーミ、新しいネックレスですか?” (Mommy, you’re wearing a new necklace?) Then the next day I was wearing a ring that I haven’t worn for a while. He noticed … Continue reading

Water Babies

Both Gaku and Hana just love water! Today, I picked Gaku up at daycare. One of his teachers Kuroda-sensei told me a cute Gaku story. This year is the first year that Gaku has been able to go in the “big” pool. Up until this year, he has only played in little tiny pools (really more like buckets) on the veranda of his classroom. He really loves the pool. Gaku is in the 2-year-old class this year; he was still 2 as of April 1, which is the magic date for determining school year in Japan. I guess that there … Continue reading

Typical Saturday – Jidokan (Baby Center)

Yesterday was Saturday, and it was really hot! Tak and Gaku got up really early and went to the park to look for cicadas and beetles. They came back around 8:30 and got me up before Tak went to work. So, then we were trying to decide what to do for the day. Go to a park with water? Hmmm… a bit hot and maybe not so ideal for me alone with both Gaku and Hana. Jidokan? Sounds better. It has A/C and is much easier with both kids. So the next question is which one. There are two nearby … Continue reading

Dental Woes

First off, I guess my problems originate with my overall dislike of the dentist. They’re fine as people, but I absolutely hate going to the dentist, far more than any other doctor. It’s probably bad enough to be called a dental phobia. From Wikipedia: fear refers to the fear of dentistry and of receiving dental care. A pathological form of this fear (specific phobia) is variously called dental phobia, odontophobia, dentophobia, dentist phobia, or dental anxiety. It is estimated that as many as 75% of US adults experiences some degree of dental fear, from mild to severe.[1][2] [3] Approximately 5 … Continue reading