Fun at the Rainbow Pool / Future Skin Cancer

Last month, I was checking one of the Yahoo Groups I belong to and saw something about getting free pre-season passes to the Rainbow Pool. So I did some research on the internet. The Rainbow Pool is a huge water park in western Tokyo (Tachikawa) that is located inside a big park. You can register online to receive a pass for free entry on either the Saturday or Sunday before the park actually opens. So I registered and we got a postcard in the mail which was good for up to 5 people for Sunday, July 13th. I really wish … Continue reading

Baby Sling/Carrier Reviews

I have so many different slings and carriers, but I still maintain that they all have (had) their uses at their times. The only one I probably won’t use again is the only one that Tak still uses (and the Tonga). He just laughs each time he sees a new one. He doesn’t understand the need for each of them. (He doesn’t carry the kids around so much. He usually goes out together with the kids and me, when we always have at least one, sometimes two, stroller with us. I often go out for quick trips with two kids … Continue reading

Amazingly Good at the Doctors

I really can’t believe how good my kids are at getting their vaccination shots. Three weeks ago, I took Gaku to get his DPT booster and Hana to get her first DPT. It worked well because I could take both of them at the same time. Also, Gaku can’t go to daycare on a vaccination day because they want you to keep them quiet (yeah, right) at home and watch them for reactions. In the week leading up to the vaccination, we were kind of psyching Gaku up for it. He was saying things like, “お兄ちゃんだもん!痛くないもん!泣かないもん!” “I’m a big boy! … Continue reading

Sunny Day, Sweeping the Clouds Away…

Gaku likes Sesame Street and when the weather is sunny, we almost always have to sing the Sesame Street song. The weather here today was absolutely gorgeous: 28C (82F) and sunny with a nice breeze. All the next week it’s supposed to be up to about 24C (75F) and partly sunny/cloudy. I think Mom and Dad may have picked the perfect week to be here! My parents arrived yesterday. Hana and I went to meet them at the airport. They’re a bit tired and jetlagged today, but overall pretty good. Since Hana has been sick, Mom is waiting until tomorrow … Continue reading

Getting Better… Just in Time for Mom & Dad

Well, Gaku’s finally getting better. He was home today, but feeling much better. He was bored from being home and basically in the house for a whole week. The only places he’s gone in the past week are the doctor’s office, the hospital, and the grocery store once. In order to demonstrate his boredom and displeasure with being confined to the house for yet another day, he emptied most of his toy boxes. The room was a complete disaster area, not even possible to sit anywhere in the room. He was also eating/asking for food all day. In the last … Continue reading

Sick Kid and Firsts

Gaku has not been having a fun few days! I was called on Thursday to pick him up at daycare. He had a fever of 38.8 (101.8), and was pretty lethargic. I took him to the doctor and he got some medicine. Friday, he spent a lot of the day watching tv, didn’t eat much, but didn’t seem too bad. Saturday, he was a bit more tired and down. But the medicine he got that is supposed to help his cold is a bit bitter tasting, and he didn’t want to take it. I tried to make him drink it … Continue reading

Business as Usual

A few weeks in Izumo sure did get me out of the habit of updating my blog. I haven’t opened it since we got back and that was a few weeks ago now. Here’s a picture of my workspace. The window faces west so there’s some really nice sunshine in the afternoon. The baby bed used to be here. I used the baby bed with Gaku. Before Hana was born I cleaned it all up again and got it ready for her, but didn’t use it once. It just became a storage area. I figured I could make better use … Continue reading

Fun in Izumo

We’ve been having fun in Izumo, but my internet access is a bit difficult. There’s no internet access at Tak’s house, so I have to come to his sister’s house to hook up. Today we took a taxi and I’ve been working here all day. I came to Izumo last week on Tuesday with Gaku and Hana. Everyone here in Izumo says that no one in Izumo would take 2 small kids and fly by themselves. But basically, we sent all of our clothes and stuff the day before. So all I had was basically what we would take to … Continue reading

Joy and Worry

I’ve been thinking lately… I’m not usually a big worrier about things, but I do worry about some things, especially a big earthquake while we’re in Tokyo. It isn’t so much the idea of the earthquake itself, but what might happen to Gaku and Hana. Before having Gaku and Hana, I didn’t worry so much about this kind of stuff. I suppose I worried about family members (and still do), but it’s not quite the same. I worry that something will happen to Gaku and Hana and I won’t be able to get to them when they need me. I … Continue reading

Gaku’s Birthday Party

Gaku had a fun birthday party, up until the end when he was over-stimulated and too tired. We went to dinner at the local Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki restaurant with the Mukai family and Azusa, one of my friends from Macmillan. About 19 people including kids. At the restaurant, we had a whole back section to ourselves. It’s a type of seating where you take off your shoes, but the floor is sunken so it’s like sitting on a bench at a table. Towards the end of dinner, the kids were done eating and getting restless. They were all crawling around below … Continue reading