Puppy Love

Okay, I have to confess to feeling a bit ambivalent about getting a little puppy. I know that Tak would be the one to take care of her, but still… I kept thinking puppies are cute, but can be so annoying. Even when they’re kept outside. Barking, chewing on things… I have to say the prospect of walks with a dog does appeal to me. So, this weekend Tak started seriously talking about getting a dog. I thought okay, but I wasn’t overly excited about it. I was more excited about the fact that the kids were so excited about … Continue reading


So, we now officially have a chicken! I would have never guessed that we’d end up with a chicken before we got a dog. From Tak’s talk, I had kind of figured we might get one sometime in the future. They did have one when Tak was growing up. They also had a cow, but I don’t anticipate us getting a cow… ever. Our chicken’s name is Koko-chan. Gaku decided on the name. But then he wanted to call her Tamago-chan (which means egg). But Tsubaki was looking at the chicken and saying, “Koko, Koko.” So Tak asked Gaku if … Continue reading

The Never-Drying Laundry

One thing about being back in Japan is hanging the laundry. For a while, I was kind of groaning about it. But hanging up the laundry isn’t so bad. It doesn’t wrinkle as much as in the dryer. You can flatten out any creases at the bottom of your shorts before you hang them up and they’ll dry out nice and smooth. On the first day we were back, Tak said he figured we do really need a dryer. I’m the one who said maybe we really didn’t. They use a lot of electricity. But that was the first day … Continue reading

Evening Juggling

I’ve come to the conclusion that evening with three kids is like a juggling act where you’re constantly dropping and/or almost dropping the balls. Last night my husband was working late and I was running all over the place trying to get/keep all three of the little monkeys happy and get them ready for bed. And I was constantly missing the balls, but catching them on the up bounce! Let’s see… how do we start the juggling act. After dinner, I need to get the table and kitchen cleaned up: The oldest two are happily playing, well, okay, maybe not so happily … Continue reading