Sick… Again! Really?!?

It’s been one of those winters where people are going to start thinking that I’m faking all this sickness as some kind of lame excuse. An excuse for why everything I am doing is so far behind schedule and always completely last minute. And lately, it is not my procrastination habit, but really, who would believe it? We went to a party on Saturday. The minute we walked in the door, Tsubaki started running a fever of 39.3. Where did that come from? It’s spring; we’re supposed to be done with this crap. Well, she still has the fever along … Continue reading

Bittersweet Moment

At 7 months, Yui has basically completely stopped nursing. I have very mixed feelings about this. Part of me is excited to realize that I can start wearing normal bras again! This part of me is also dismayed to realize that only 2-3 of my regular, non-nursing bras are any good. I will need to go out and buy new bras, probably for the first time in 9 years. Yikes! For most of those past 9 years, I have been either pregnant or nursing, with a few short breaks in between. Then there is a part of me that is quite sad to be … Continue reading

Onsen Moment

So, I went out today with just the girls. We went to Matsue Castle to see the cherry blossoms which hadn’t bloomed yet. But it was fun and we met new friends. On the way back, we went to our favorite onsen – Yurari in Hirata. Tsubaki was a bit wound up and crazy. I had to keep chasing her down until we finally got into the bath and she settled down a bit. Hana was being a good girl, as usual. Tsubaki may make me a bit crazy sometimes, but she is so much fun. I really like taking … Continue reading

Easter Bunny is Not Screaming

Gaku and Hana had been wanting candy for their Pez dispensers that they got for Christmas. Actually, Gaku could not find his (Buzz Lightyear) and so he wanted a new one. Before going shopping I had said that, if they were good, I would buy them another Pez dispenser. I ran into Babies ‘R Us for a few things but I didn’t see any Pez dispensers. They had both been *reasonably* good in the store, so we made a quick trip to Target. I figured they must have them. Candy section? Nope. Toy section? Nope. Discounted Easter section? Bingo. Not … Continue reading