How to Kill Your Computer (in Less than a Second)

I almost had a panic attack yesterday. I thought that my computer had been killed. A few years ago, I learned something interesting about computers. There is a sensor in laptops (at least newer ones) that can tell if a laptop is falling. If you drop a laptop and the hard drive is “moving”, this sensor will kick in and stop the hard drive. This saves your computer’s hard drive (as long as the drop isn’t too extreme). But if you drop something on the computer, for example, a clock in my husband’s case, you are SOL. If the computer is off, you should … Continue reading

Adobe Live Chat… Worthless

I don’t know why I bothered, but I tried to get some help from Adobe Live Chat. But all that happened was they kept transferring me around and offering platitudes and solutions that don’t work and/or aren’t realistic. Then in the end, I was referred to phone support. I think I’ll save that for another day. Here is the crazy Live Chat transcript. I’m posting it here because I hope that I can get someone from Adobe to read it and address the issues. For me there are two issues: language issues and customer service issues. While waiting for a … Continue reading

Software Language (Adobe Stress)

Adobe frustration has surfaced again… As a global company, they need to get their language settings figured out. Their system irritates me far more than any other that I’ve had to deal with. Here’s the deal. I can read some Japanese. Depending on the topic, my Japanese level is better or worse. My computer OS is Japanese, which sometimes gives me trouble with some of the more complicated server settings. But for the most part is fine. However, I prefer to deal with my remaining software IN ENGLISH. It is a matter of frustration and time. I subscribe to Adobe’s Creative … Continue reading