Exploding Head

So I went to Tokyo for 2 days. I was fine on the trip to Tokyo, but I was in agony for the last bit of the return to Izumo, as soon as we started the descent… I have had problems with this in the past, but not for a long time and many plane rides, so it completely caught me completely by surprise today. Basically, it is a sinus problem. I didn’t even feel congested at all before getting on the plane; another reason I was so surprised. I never have problems on the ascent, just on the descent. For … Continue reading

Crazy Trip (and we’re only as far as Toronto…)

Well, we got off to a fairly good start this morning. We got to the airport at 8:30, so 2 hours before our 10:30 departure. That’s where  things start to go weird. We were at the check-in counter for almost 45 minutes. The agent was having trouble with our reservation. Apparently, the issue is that in Detroit, Air Canada reservations are handled by United’s agents. And Air Canada does not “push” the infant (lap baby) boarding passes through to their system. She ended up having to call Air Canada to get us ticketed properly. A couple of things that worked … Continue reading