Just Like Daddy

On Saturday Gaku got a small wooden tool bench toy (picked out from a catalogue). If he takes out all of the wooden screws, it won’t actually be a bench anymore, but just a collection of wooden nuts & bolts and pieces. It has a small ruler, hammer, screwdriver, and wrench. He picked up the ruler, pretended to measure something on the bench, and said, “14 kilo”. How cute!! He was measuring, just not using the right system… That’s how much Kei weighed when he was on the scale in the bath the night before. Gaku is at about 15 … Continue reading

Daycare Talent Show

This past Friday was Gaku’s “okiku natta taikai” at daycare. Basically, it’s a little talent show so everyone can see how much the kids have changed in the past year. For the smaller classes (Gaku’s included), they tell the parents to hide – not be right out front and center. Most of the smaller kids will cry and try to go to their parents if they spot them. We’d been telling Gaku all week that Mommy, Daddy and Baba would be there. I wasn’t worried that he would cry if he found us. In the fall at the sports festival, … Continue reading

Long time… February blues?

Well, I haven’t updated this for almost a month now. I’ve been a bit unmotivated to do much of anything this past month, other than just hang out and cuddle with Hana. I’m feeling like I have a bit more energy now. Yesterday, I took Gaku to daycare in the morning. When I walked in with Hana, the head of the daycare came over to hold her for me while I got Gaku’s stuff straightened up and put away. She started walking into the office with Hana and Gaku started to get really upset. He wasn’t jealous that the teacher … Continue reading

Busy? Doing what? (with video)

It feels like the past week has been pretty busy with lots of little things… Last Friday, Hana and I went to the one baby play area (jidokan) that we go to the most to make a video of me talking with her. The woman who does family counseling is making a video showing how moms and babies communicate. She took about 10 minutes of video and we’ll go back and do it again next month. On Sunday I took Hana there for her first baby massage. Gaku and I went almost every month when he was a baby. Gaku … Continue reading

Lost Days

Since I’m not working right now and don’t have much of a schedule, I’m starting to lose track of what day it is. I could have sworn today is Wednesday, but it’s Thursday! I remember the same thing happening when I was home after Gaku was born. It’ll get better once Hana and I get onto a regular schedule and start going out more often, but that might not be until spring. It’s gotten quite cold (for Tokyo) this week – a low of 0C/32F and a high of 6C/42F with a pretty cold wind – so we won’t be … Continue reading

A busy few days

We’ve had a busy few days here. On Thursday, I went to my office to drop off some paperwork. I was planning to pick up Gaku from daycare and buy him new shoes, but I spent a little too long at the office. Everyone was having fun oohing and ahhing over Hana. I ended up staying for over an hour. When I got to daycare, it was almost an hour later than I had planned but Hana was still sleeping. I told Gaku we would ride the bus and go buy him some new shoes. While we were at the … Continue reading


Hana is sleeping well this afternoon! We had a free vist from the city midwife yesterday. Hana now weighs 3850 grams (about 8 1/2 pounds). I’m feeling a little restless, like I need to get out of the house. We’re not supposed to go out much until Hana has her one-month checkup on Friday. But we’ve already gone out a bit. Maybe we’ll go pickup Gaku today instead of Tak… I’ll wait and see how cold it feels when it’s time to get him. … Continue reading

Back to a “normal” schedule

From tomorrow Gaku is back in daycare. He’s been home for the last week for the New Year holiday. Tak’s mom went back to Izumo on Friday. That evening felt just a bit empty after she had left. Gaku was pretty cute. Tak took Mi-chan back to Tokyo station. When they left Gaku was taking his nap. Mi-chan said goodbye to Gaku, but he went back to sleep. When he woke up, he came to the other room where Hana and I were. His first questions was where’s Mi-chan. When I said she had gone back to Izumo, he was … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Tak says this is “the picture of the year”. It’s pretty gross, but funny. We had a good New Year here. On New Year’s Eve, we watched Kohaku (a Japanese music program with Japanese artists performing – special for New Year’s Eve) and stayed up until about 12:30. Gaku was going a bit crazy. We let him eat more junk than normal. Also, he’s usually in bed by 9:30 and asleep by 10:00 at the latest. On New Year’s Day, we went to the local shrine to welcome in the new year. We thought it was funny to see people … Continue reading

Hanging Out

Well, Hana and I are just hanging out at home. I’m trying to get laundry done, and get it all hung out to dry. Today is the last day of sunny weather; it’s supposed to rain from tomorrow for a few days. I really miss having a dryer. Yesterday, Hana nursed most of the afternoon, but since she was nursing properly I don’t mind at all. It looks like she’s going to do the same thing today. So, she should start putting on some weight finally. When we went to see the midwife on Tuesday, she hadn’t gained as much … Continue reading