Merry Christmas!

(I don’t have any new pictures to post so here’s one of Hana from a week ago.) Well, Monday was a rough day with Hana not nursing well. In the evening I finally expressed my milk and fed it to her in a bottle. What relief!! Hana finally stopped crying and I had a bit of a break. Yesterday, in the morning we went to see the midwife and everything is going better now. She’s nursing well again. Yesterday was Christmas here. We had a Christmas party downstairs with the Mukai family. Afterwards, I was doing a count and I … Continue reading

Early Christmas / Poor Hana

Our early Christmas morning was fun. Gaku likes opening presents. He’s not always so concerned with what is in the presents, but really likes to open them. We let him open all of our presents for us as well. Then we let him watch the couple of DVDs he received (Ratatouille and The Jungle Book). I think Ratatouille was more fun for me. Gaku really likes The Jungle Book. He just got it yesterday, but has already watched it three times now. He really likes the scene with the song The Bare Necessities. We usually don’t let him watch this … Continue reading

A nice big brother

Gaku had a better night last night. We snuggled for a while in the living room where he is sleeping for now. This morning he was pretty cute. He still calls Hana “akachan”, the Japanese word for baby, not “Hana-chan”. This morning he asked to hold her and then gave her a nice kiss on her head. Then just before leaving for daycare he came and gave her another kiss goodbye, and gave me a goodbye kiss. He’s really being a good boy! Tomorrow, we’re going to celebrate Christmas a couple of days early, since Tak has tomorrow off of … Continue reading

Poor Gaku!

Gaku has been being such a good boy, but he had a rough night last night. Hana was sleeping in her chair in the living room for quite a while in the late evening yesterday, so it was the perfect opportunity for me to spend some special time with Gaku. We were having lots of fun playing with his toys. Then we went to the bedroom (where Hana and I are sleeping) for some cuddle time. We were listening to music from one of Gaku’s favorite movies Cars and he had a few of his toy Cars with him. He … Continue reading

Hana is one week old!

Hana is just over a week old now. She’s nursing well, and sleeps almost all of the time! The blanket that Sarah and Brian gave us for Christmas a few years ago works perfectly as a cover for the baby chair that I bought for her. It’s a chair with a rocker on the bottom that can be completely flat for her as a baby and sit up more when she’s bigger. Yesterday, Gaku was trying to claim that the blanket was his, but we corrected him that the blanket is everyone’s and Hana is using it now. So far, … Continue reading