Sounds of Summer

I love the sounds of summer. I love the sound of the frogs in the rice field in front of our house. The chorus of frogs’ voices is a nice way to fall asleep. I don’t even really mind the frogs so much, but that does not mean I will touch one or that I want the kids to bring them to me. I also love the sounds of the cicadas. Their voices really make me feel like it is summer. Glorious long, hot summer days. But the cicadas themselves? I despise them. I have two problems with cicadas. One: they fly. … Continue reading

The Never-Drying Laundry

One thing about being back in Japan is hanging the laundry. For a while, I was kind of groaning about it. But hanging up the laundry isn’t so bad. It doesn’t wrinkle as much as in the dryer. You can flatten out any creases at the bottom of your shorts before you hang them up and they’ll dry out nice and smooth. On the first day we were back, Tak said he figured we do really need a dryer. I’m the one who said maybe we really didn’t. They use a lot of electricity. But that was the first day … Continue reading