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I’ve been doing phonics with my kids and was thinking about other fun ways to introduce phonics to my students, and I suddenly remembered the game Boggle! My students may not know a lot of words, but it would be a fun way to play with 3-letter words. I went online to look for Boggle and was shocked to find out how expensive it is in Japan (over 4,000 yen). Hmmm… on the US Amazon site, it’s around $15. That’s way too big a markup! I know that you can order books, CDs and DVDs from the Amazon US site, but I discovered that they will also ship games overseas. Yay!

While looking for Boggle, I also found another really neat game called Rory’s Story Cubes. It’s a set of 9 dice with different pictures on each side (54 different pictures). You can roll the dice and then use the images to make up a story. What a fun idea! They also had Rory’s Story Cubes Actions, which have stick figure images engaging in various actions.

I played with Rory’s Story Cubes a bit with my kids. They were quite engaged by them. I did most of the story telling these first couple of times, but my kids are really good at making up stories, so I expect that once they get the idea they’ll be making up some good ones. I can’t wait to try them out with my students.

On the Rory’s Story Cubes website, there are different ideas for using the cubes. I figure they could be used as an oral activity with each student adding to the story. I also think they could be good for a writing/book making activity. Each student could use them in whatever order they’d like, and I’m sure they would all have different interpretations as well.

My order for all three items, including shipping of about $11, was cheaper on the site than an order for just Boggle would have been off of the site!


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