Movie: Up

I think the kids had fun yesterday at the movie event!

Sixteen kids and eight adults came; amazingly it was evenly split between boys and girls for the kids and the adults. How weird is that?

Before watching the movie, we learned a bit about the characters and the background of the movie. Since English is not the kids’ first language, I think it’s important to go over this background before watching the movie so the kids can follow it.

During the movie, a few kids were “scared” at a few of the more dramatic points, and there was lots of laughing at all the silliness in the movie.

I brought a jar with candies in it. The kids had to guess how many pieces of candy were in the jar. During the movie, I checked their answers. There were 87 pieces of candy (3 bags). Guesses ranged from 28 to 110. About 6 kids guessed 100. Unfortunately, Hana guessed 99 and was closest so the candy came home with us, about half of it anyway. I suggested that she should share the candy with the other kids, and she did.

After the movie, we talked more about badges and I gave the kids a “My Adventure Book” to take home with them. The original plan was to have them do one of the activities in the book. But everyone was a bit too wound up, so I decided spontaneously that we needed to do something more active and channel all their energy. We played duck-duck-goose. That was a big hit!

My Adventure Book (2-sided printing 両面印刷用)
My Adventure Book (single-sided printing 片面印刷用)


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