Bingo for Intercultural Party on Sunday, October 5.

On Sunday, October 5, there will be a cultural exchange event with students from Izumo and students from Australia. (You can see more information on my calendar page.)

During the party, I am going to have the kids play a bingo game. First, they have to complete their bingo card by going around and asking questions. If a student answers yes, they can write their name in that square. They have to fill their entire card. Then they have to write their name on the bottom and tear off the strip so their name is in the drawing. Then we play bingo by picking names.

One thing I want to do is try to make sure that the Japanese students have fun and are comfortable speaking English. So here is a copy of the bingo game board that students can get familiar with. I also made two practice videos using Adobe Voice which can be seen here. There is a “simple” version, which just has the yes/no questions and answers. The “challenge” version has a follow-up question that can be asked after a student answers yes. But students who are not as comfortable in English do not have to ask the challenge questions. More than anything I want students to come away with a positive experience! (Both the Japanese and the Australian students!)

PDF of Bingo Game
Simple Bingo Game Practice Video

Challenge Version Bingo Game Practice Video

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