Balance: Remain fresh and efficient

I think balance is very important. I’ve seen people try to work too many hours over a sustained period of time, who begin to resent their jobs and not enjoy their work. They lose their motivation and do not do the best job they can. I believe in working hard, but maintaining a lifestyle balance is important. I am happy to work extra hours to complete a project, but careful not to make those longer hours the everyday norm. My philosophy is that by being organized and focused, most work can be completed well without working excessively long hours. This keeps me fresh, and prevents me suffering from burnout and becoming less efficient.

Pride: Do a good job and continuously learn

I enjoy working on something and seeing the end results. When I’m working on a project, I focus on getting it done right, and in a timely manner. I take pride in my work. I like to do the best that I can on every job, and if I’m not able to do something will say so up front. I’m constantly learning new things and always looking for better ways to do things. So I may take pride in my work, but I’m not too proud to take constructive criticism and learn a new way of doing something.

Empathy: Work well with and for you

My varied background (a major in communication, and working experience in business, teaching, and sales and marketing) helps me to understand the inner workings of different environments. Whenever I create a document or give a presentation, I consider the audience and their needs and expectations. Are the message and its relevance easy to understand? Is the layout clear? Is it interesting and targeting their needs? Is there anything missing? Is there anything that might be offensive? Is the next step clear? This ability to empathize enables me to complete projects that work for you.